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Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

Mission Statement    Program Goals    Participating School Districts    ROP Enrollments 2010 - 2011    Most Successful Programs    On-the-Job Training   
Welcome to Glenn County ROP
-    EXPECT SUCCESS !!   -

The Regional Occupational Program exists to assist students in making intelligent career choices and in preparing them for entry and growth in a career field of their choice.
The Glenn County ROP provides high-quality skill training and career guidance for high school juniors and seniors attending public or private high schools, out-of-school youth, and adults residing within the attendance boundaries of the five participating high schools. Glenn County ROP is one of 73 ROPs throughout the state of California.
Since 1970, the Glenn County ROP has served over 15,000 students in 28 occupational fields. During the 2005-2006 school year, Glenn County ROP trained over 1,300 high school and adult students, providing them with both entry-level and job upgrading skills and ensuring initial and continued employment.
Glenn County ROP works in cooperation with local businesses to provide students with current state-of-the-art classrooms, labs and on-the-job training. Many ROP courses have 2+2 agreements with Butte and Yuba College, which provide students with both high school and college credit.
Over 100 community members serve on various program advisory committees to ensure meaningful skill training, a varied job market demand and a high potential for student placement in every program offered through Glenn County ROP. The 2001-02 school year student follow-up study revealed that approximately 87% of students who successfully completed an ROP course and graduated from high school were employed and/or continued their education.
The future is promising, because the Glenn County ROP will continue to provide youth and adults with an educational environment that will lead them to become productive members of the community. Through continuing partnerships with local business and industry, training programs will be developed based on current job market demands and student career interests.

Mission StatementTop of Page

Glenn County ROP will provide students with the opportunity to acquire necessary skills and career training, which will prepare them for success in a changing workplace, continuing education and lifelong learning.

Program GoalsTop of Page

  • To provide students with opportunities to explore, assess, and prepare for a career.
  • To assist students to develop a strong work ethic and employability skills necessary to succeed in a career.
  • To assist students to reinforce basic academic skills through applied learning experiences.
  • To assist students to develop critical thinking and decision making skills.
  • To assist students to develop good oral and written communication skills.
  • To provide students with an understanding of a rapidly changing society both technological and cultural.

Participating School DistrictsTop of Page

  • Hamilton Union High School District
  • Orland Unified School District
  • Princeton Joint Unified School District
  • Stony Creek Joint Unified School District
  • Willows Unified School District
  • GCOE Central

ROP Enrollments 2010 - 2011Top of Page

Elk Creek High School26
Hamilton Union High School250
Orland High School300
Princeton High School28
Willows High School270
Central (GCOE)278

Most Successful ProgramsTop of Page

The following courses are among the most popular ROP programs. They are generally fully enrolled because they are in areas where there is a tremendous job market need and high job placement.
  • Administration of Justice
  • Agriculture
  • Printing and Graphics
  • Diversified Occupations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Occupations
  • Furniture and Cabinet Construction
  • Graphics
  • Medical Assisting and Medical Terminology - Adults
  • Hospitality Occupations
  • Sports Therapy and Fitness Technician (Athletic Trainer)

On-the-Job TrainingTop of Page

The Community Classroom program provides unpaid on-the-job training experiences at business, industry, and public agency sites to assist students in acquiring competencies (skills, knowledge, and attitudes) necessary to acquire entry-level employment.
The Cooperative Vocational Education program provides regularly scheduled, paid on-the-job training experiences that enable students to develop and refine the occupational competencies needed to acquire, adjust and succeed in an occupation.
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